RF Push Demonstration in Retail

The 8 button RF REMOTE connects to the IPM+ Inter-Play Module wirelessly and can be used with the VP71XD, VP71XD 4K, and VP90 digital signage media players. Recommended and popular for any facility or area where a TV screen or monitor is to be controlled by a person to display up to 8 video files triggered with a remote. Remote button 1 is tied to IPM+ #1, remote button 2 is tied to IPM+ #2, and so on. The same device could be used on 1 screen with 1 player, 1 IPM+ with 8 video files, and 1 remote. The IPM+ and RF REMOTE offer your audience the ability to trigger content loaded on your SD/USB/DVD/Network with the push of a button. Our slim yet powerful REMOTE has a range of approximately 75'.
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